We understand you love your dog; so do we! Gear Wag is dedicated to helping you find the best tools, supplies and equipment for your dog. Our mission is to provide with with the best (and the worst) dog equipment reviews so that you can purchase with confidence and your furry friends will be happy and healthy.

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A Word on Training Tools

You may have noticed we do not list reviews on any training tools (e-collars, choke chains, prong collars, etc.). Our mission is to help you achieve a healthier happier dog, as such we not endorse, support or review tools that have been show to cause physical/psychological pain to dogs. It is our view that these types of tools aren’t going to help your dog and we will not be accepting or posting reviews for this type of product. If you would like advice on how to train your dog without the use of these tools we recommend you contact Kali Grimm with Rescue Me Dog Training (will serve anywhere in the World).

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