Interest in a specific dog breed? Would you like to learn more about your own dog? The links below provide some of the best (and most trustworthy) information regarding breed specific information. As a side note, there are often misconceptions or even flat out false information surrounding numerous dog breeds. We handpicked the list below to help cut through the clutter and prevent these unfortunate misconceptions from spreading. Be careful where you get your information. Also, take temperament information with a grain of salt; every dog is different and will not necessarily inherit or reflect what a breed description of “temperament”.

Editor Pick

AKC Dog Breeds – Fantastic information and presentation.

Dogs, – Excellent interactive selection tool.


Dog Breed Selector – Animal Planet

List of Dog Breeds – Wikipedia

Dog Breeds –

Dog Breed Center –

Dog Breeds –

Dog Breeds – Purina

Dog Breed GuideĀ – IamsĀ 


Dog Breed Posters

And for the truly dedicated/passionate there are several amazing posters that display the majority of dog breeds and their groupings.



Dog Breed Videos

Finally, the Animal Planet produces some incredible Dogs 101 Animal Planet. We post many of these in our videos category on the Dog Blog.

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