We love dogs (in case you didn’t notice). Our mission here at Gear Wag extends beyond helping owners find the perfect products for their pooch. We strongly believe it’s important to give back and help dogs in need. Our goal for 2016 is is to generate $10,000 for charity. There are several ways you can help us reach this goal.


When you subscribe to gear Wag you help us grow. When we grow, so do donations towards dog shelters, rescues and animal cruelty prevention organizations. Best of all, it’s super easy. Just click on the social buttons below for instant subscription.


Every time you read an article on Gear Wag it helps our traffic. This allows us to obtain new advertisers that in the end help us support good dog causes. All that it takes to help dogs in need… is to read!

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Every time you buy something for your dog from us, 10% of the proceeds go charity. You win, your dog wins and most importantly the dogs in need win.

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If you would prefer to donate to a dog rescue instead of using the ways described above (don’t worry we won’t hold it against you) there are links to donation pages we love and recommend listed below. Whether you give a little or a lot, it may make the largest of differences for one dogs life.


Best Friends Animal Society

ARF Animal Rescue Foundation

Humane Society of the United States

PetSmart Charities

American Humane

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